Compassionately Realistic.

Hi I am Andrew Perez, the founder of Besiege Digital. Despite these strong colors and stronger words on the home page, I am a naturally caring person who has wanted to help others in any way I could. 

The Digital Threat.

In the age where tik tok influencers are raking in millions in advertising, small businesses need to be realistic and adapt. We are here to provide your local business the foundation to not only survive, but to thrive as well!


The most important part of our business is the part where we actually seek to understand your niche and provide value. This can only come when you as work as partners, and not just as another client.

"The Safest Place to Hide a Dead Body is the Second Page of Google Search Results"

– Elon Musk

Size Matters

Yes, Besiege is a small local business as well. This size means that you will get a service from people who care.

Reach Out If You Are Thinking Any of the Following

I have no idea what digital marketing is.

Digital Marketing is a scam.

I already have Facebook!

Why is my site on page 6 of Google?

Most of my customers come from word of mouth.

I've used an SEO agency service before, and I wasted my time.

I need a better marketing strategy.

How is [insert name here] on the first page?!