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Besiege Digital is an Orlando, Florida based digital marketing company devoted to bringing more traffic and conversions to your small business website. That means more money for you.

Go Digital or Die.

Now more than ever, businesses need to build a foundation to withstand the digital world’s impact on traditional life. It’s not too late to adapt.

Our Orlando SEO Services

Web Design

Depending on the package you need, we offer both templates and custom designs!

On Page Optimization

Make sure search engines are able to crawl through your website effectively so that they can better serve search intent.

Off Page Optimization

We'll take care of all of the behind the scenes dirty work. Besides, what's schema anyway.

Keyword Research

There is absolutely no point in building a website to capture leads if it is built without a well researched and planned keyword strategy.

Social Media

Content is king. The more content we create, the more you solve the user's problem. The more you solve the uer's problem, the more potential customers pay a visit.


We know you're busy being a business owner doing business things. We will maintain the SEO strategy, website updates, and content updates.

The Importance of Page 1.

The percentage of people who click on a website lowers as you go lower in position. The #1 gets 35%, meanwhile #2 drops drastically to 15%. 

"The Safest Place to Hide a Dead Body is the Second Page of Google Search Results"

– Elon Musk

Prideful Transparency.

One of the main problems of digital marketing is that people have such bad past experiences, that they have lost faith in this art. This happens when large agencies take on many clients at once, reducing their attention to detail and care. 

Featured Work

High Soccer Arena

High soccer Arena is our most recent client. They are an indoor soccer facility based in Orlando, FL. We developed a custom designed website for them that matches their modern indoor concept.

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"Andrew breathed new life into my website. He completely understood and captured the feel of our soccer club."
ernest murdukhayev


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are asking this question, then you most likely have a site that has not been optimized. Yes you can purchase a template, spend a day with a drag and drop site builder, or have another agency build you a basic “website,” which can provide the necesary information for potential customers; however, you will never get organic traffic without a properly optimized page. In that case, you might as well just have a Facebook page. 

Ads are a perfectly valid and effective way of getting traffic and customers to your site; however, the problem is that these are usually short term gains with a consistent expense. The purpose of a great SEO campaign is to capture that same traffic at a much cheaper price, as well as retaining a long term audience. One good campaign, and you won’t have to pay that advertising expense again!

Our websites are built in WordPress using a combination of different programs and plugins to give maximum flexibility in a time efficient manner. 

We take pride in transparency. After an in depth discovery call, we will share all of the necessary documents including a little homework on your end, as well as a shared google drive detailing our exact step by step process, the keyword research, the site architecture, and more!

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